[How to eat dried figs]_Dried figs_Benefits_How to eat

[How to eat dried figs]_Dried figs_Benefits_How to eat

Figs are also called honey fruits in life, mainly because it has some unique sweetness, and dried figs are made for better storage.

The way to eat dried figs is actually very simple. It can be used to soak water, used to make porridge, soup, etc. It has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

Fig alias is also called honey fruit.

The branches and leaves of the fig are thick and dense, but the blooming flowers are very small. They are often covered with thick branches and leaves, and it is not easy to be found. When its fruits emerge quietly from under the leaves, the flowers are already there.Started again.

So people think that it is “not fruitful”, hence the name “fig”.

Figs are soft and rotten when mature, sweet and sweet like persimmons without seeds, rich in nutrition and comprehensive. They contain citric acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, amber in addition to various amino acids, vitamins, and inorganic salts necessary for human bodyAcid, quinic acid, fatty acids, protease and many other ingredients, have good therapeutic effect.

Suitable for ordinary people, used for weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, or postpartum milk loss; dry lungs, sore throat or cough; dry bowel constipation, hemorrhoid bleeding, prolapse of the anus.


[Boil porridge]Prepare several dried figs, wash them, slice them, and then add in the right amount of glutinous rice.

Boil into porridge.

Can promote digestion and maintain the stomach.


[Boiled soup]Prepare a small amount of cooked meat, shred it, and put it in a pot with dried figs and cook.

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt when it comes out of the pan.

Such a soup can effectively treat chronic enteritis and gastritis, and has a good gastrointestinal conditioning effect.


[Mixed vegetables]Dried figs and washed watermelon rinds (shredded) are cold mixed into vegetables, which has a refreshing taste and unique taste.