[Can you eat crisp dates in pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Diet

[Can you eat crisp dates in pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Diet

Crispy jujube is a popular snack, a food made from red dates.

Crisp jujube has many functions and effects, for example, it can nourish blood and is a warm food, so it is a better food for pregnant women.

However, because crisp dates are relatively hard, it is not recommended for pregnant women to eat more than 10 per day.

Below, I will introduce in detail the relevant knowledge of pregnant eating crisp dates.

First, can you eat crisp jujube in pregnancy? The crispy jujube itself is a blood-enriching food, the taste is very light, and it is not a cold food, so pregnant women eat the crispy jujube during pregnancy without any problems, everyone need not worry about it.Crispy jujube does not have any adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and fetuses. It is also beneficial to the health of pregnant women, because dates are blood-enriching foods, which can absorb rich nutrients, and are beneficial to the health of pregnant women and fetal growthThey are all good.

However, it is not recommended to eat too much crispy jujube during pregnancy, because strong food is a burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and it is recommended to eat about 10 per day.

Second, the efficacy and role of crispy dates 1.

Supplement nutrition: The crispy jujube contains a large amount of protein, which is rich in nutrition and tastes crispy and suitable for daily consumption.


Replenishing blood: The iron content in crispy dates is higher, so women can eat more.


Purify the stomach and intestines: The crude fiber in crispy dates can reconstitute the bowel and laxative effect and help digest the stomach and intestines.

Third, what are the foods that pregnant women cannot eat?

1. Raw beans: beans such as green beans, lentils, red kidney beans, white kidney beans, etc., can cause poisoning if they are fresh or incompletely heated.

2. Raw soy milk: Raw soybeans contain toxic ingredients. If you eat uncooked soy milk, it can cause food poisoning.

3. Cassava: Roots, stems, and leaves of cassava contain toxic substances. If raw or undercooked cassava is consumed or its soup is consumed, it can cause poisoning, and its toxins can cause neurological paralysis and even cause permanent paralysis.

4. Germinated potato: Toxin-Solanine at the germination site of potatoes is dozens to hundreds of times higher than its fleshy portion. Once ingested, mild disturbance of consciousness, difficulty breathing, severe cases can be caused by heart failure and respiratory paralysis.lethal.

5, fresh daylily: daylily contains colchicine, this toxin can cause dry throat, burning sensation in the stomach, hematuria and other poisoning symptoms.

Before eating, you need to cook day lily, boil it and boil it in boiling water before cooking.

6, green tomatoes: green tomatoes contain the toxic substance solanumene. Consumption of this immature green tomato has a bitter feeling in the mouth. After eating, symptoms of poisoning such as nausea and vomiting may appear. It is dangerous to eat raw.

7. Rotten ginger: Rotten ginger produces a very toxic safrole.

People eat this toxin, even in small amounts, can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration.

8. Raw bamboo shoots: Fresh bamboo shoots contain natural toxin cyanide. Eating raw or undercooked bamboo shoots may also cause food poisoning.