[How attractive is the young woman to men]

[How attractive is the “young woman” to men]

The word “young woman” always has a special allure in the eyes of many people, especially for men.

Even to many, it is only one step away from “sex” and “pornography”.

The most fundamental reasons are not only the women themselves, but also the subjective design that some people can face in the direction of their imagination and preferences.

The motivation of Heshe is mainly to reduce the “hormonal” taste of young women, and to master the openness of certain things.

They are like bunches of ripe grapes hanging on the treetops, crystal clear, making people look hard to restrain themselves, and they will drool when they are too frustrated.

This is a natural rule, and it also meets the instinct of human nature, so “young women” are more popular with men.

However, it is a little paranoid to give “young women” a strong sexual color.

And this paranoia is a crowd error made by a relatively broad group of people, and it also reflects some of the misunderstandings of society.

Every young woman is a part of real life, she may be our wife and relatives, but why once you see others, you have to pay for the meaning of “sex” which is “unnecessary”?

People’s eyes are not appreciated, and in many men’s eyes it is clear that there is a hot “poison”, which can penetrate women’s clothing. This behavior should have been “pervert”, and most of the streetsThis is true of all men. Is it necessary to order most men to be “sex wolf”?

So we can only think that this is a mistake made by society and human nature, and no one or some people will do it alone.

It seems that these words I wrote are somewhat anti-human.

I just don’t understand why people cannot appreciate it when they discover beauty?

Instead of restoring the greed and possessive desire to invade the road?