Counting autumn and winter delicious health medicinal wine Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “alcoholic people can benefit both people and people.” Drinking right is actually good for your health. Autumn and winter season is a good time to drink health wine!   Before and after the Chung Yeung Festival, folksContinue Reading

Male weight gain, chronic kidney disease risk increases In normal men, there is no history of hypertension or diabetes, and weight gain is associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD).   Ryu, of Sungkyunkwan University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, said several recent prospective studies have shown thatContinue Reading

What vitamins are missing from men? What men are most afraid of is that they can’t help themselves in their sexual life. In fact, few people know that lack of vitamins will also affect sexual function. Let’s understand what vitamins are missing in men. The physiological activity of vitamin B12Continue Reading

Indiscriminate massage is easy to cause disability Nowadays, massage has become a common form of health care. Bathing, clubs, beauty (beauty food) hospitals and other places are surrounded by health care (health food) massage signs, and massage venues all over the streets. In doing so, a large number of expertsContinue Reading